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Happy Earth Day! The stunning photos above show the Sacred Headwaters, a pristine area of protected land in a remote corner of northern British Columbia. The area is about the size of the entire state of Oregon, and only one tiny road winds through it. (For context, on the US mainland, the farthest you can get from a maintained road is about 20 miles. Oregon is 98,466 square miles.)

Watch the full talk here »

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Storium is an online storytelling game that allows players to create a story through a series of scenes, reacting to obstacles and people as you come across them.  It’s played with 3 people, with one person playing as the Narrator, and the other 2 playing as the characters.  

The Narrator chooses the world that the story is set in (with choices such as ‘occult pop horror’, ‘medical drama’ and ‘cyberpunk’), then starts each scene, using cards to give the players challenges to overcome.  The players will then try to overcome these challenges as they see fit, progressing the story  in fun and interesting ways.

There are a few more rules, but it’s remarkably easy to pick up and is only limited by your imagination.  Storium is a fun and fluid way of storytelling, with players reacting to each other and no-one being fully in control, it can lead to some VERY interesting stories.  

Our attempt was an occult pop horror called ‘The Badgers of Doom’, they’re black, they’re white, and they bite!  Coming soon to cinemas near you!

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Favourite animators: Shinya Ohira (大平晋也)

Learn/watch more:

The one and only Shinya Ohira

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Rock Newman on The Phil Donahue Show sharing his experiences as a black man who has passed as white. 

Literally just said this the other day

Tell them again, because they act real hard of hearing when we explain this shit.

but they don’t hear u doeee.

*Runs to hypercompressed, decontexualizing dictionary (which only functions as a device to make english more accessible to ppl who are speaking it as a second+ language which is why the dictionary poorly explains a lot of things… A LOT) that tries to explain a sociological issue that has been around for centuries, in 10 words*

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Photographer Nick Meek has a beautiful photo series of hazy landscapes that look like they were filtered through a Kodachrome lens. 


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This is one of the best animated kids movies.

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Slow Life by 

"Slow" marine animals show their secret life under high magnification. Corals and sponges are very mobile creatures, but their motion is only detectable at different time scales compared to ours and requires time lapses to be seen. These animals build coral reefs and play crucial roles in the biosphere, yet we know almost nothing about their daily lives.

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photos by mohammad reza domiri ganji in iran of: (1) the dome of the seyyed mosque in isfahan; (2,8) the nasīr al mulk mosque, or pink mosque, in shiraz; (3,4) the vakil mosque in shiraz; (5) the ceiling of the fifth floor of ali qapu in isfahan; (6,10) the vakil bathhouse in shiraz; (7) the imam mosque in isfahan; (9) the jame mosque of yazd

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scale of 1-10 how bad will it be if i am high at easter dinner

4.20 also i see spooki beat me to this punch shit

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i am looking for a black crop top in size fat that is somewhat structured/not just a short t shirt

plz help

related to this I have become fixated on having a black bodysuit that has straps and shorts that will fit me. please keep me updated if you see that

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Through the Dark Portal.

Through the Dark Portal.

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